Basketball Surface Repair

Basketball Surface Repair

Over time basketball courts can become damaged with heavy use, we can carry out repairs and reactive maintenance to fix any problems and bring back the playing qualities.

Basketball Court Resurfacing

Basketball Court Resurfacing

Without regular maintenance, your basketball court may need resurfacing to remove the existing damage and replace the court with a brand new surface.

Sport Facility Repairs

Sport Facility Repairs

We can offer a variety of repair and maintenance services for basketball courts to ensure a top quality playing surface.

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Basketball Surface Repair

It might be necessary to perform a basketball surface repair if your macadam or polymeric rubber becomes unsuitable for use. It’s vital to repair the basketball court as soon as you spot any damage as this will prevent the issue from becoming worse and making the surfacing unsafe for players. Most sports surfaces can become damaged over time through a lot of heavy use and weathering, especially at schools and sports clubs.

The process of basketball repair could include fixing localised damage to the macadam or polymeric EPDM surfacing in small areas, or it could require the application of a binder coat to seal any cracks or fretting before a new anti slip paint coating is applied. When this is done, a new installation of sports line markings will also be included to give players clear and bright lines for playing in matches.

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How to Carry Out a Basketball Surface Repair Near Me

We always recommend having a proactive maintenance plan that reduces long term costs. This includes brushing and cleaning the surface to get rid of any build up of contamination. To repair the surface if there is any further damage you should;

  1. Before applying new paint coatings or line markings, the surface should always be thoroughly cleaned and deconataminated by proffessional sports faculity contractors.
  2. Acrylic paint should be used to create anti slip qualities.
  3. If on a polymeric rubber. polyurethane paint coating should be applied to give non slip characteristics.
  4. Purchase a repair kit for any cracks or damages you may be able to fix yourself.
  5. For larger damages, contact us and our installers will be happy to mend the damge.

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Repairing Sport Surfaces 

Our specialists have years of experience repairing and fixing any damages to a basketball court closest to you. Once you have installed your sports area, you will need to carry out maintenance and repairs as soon as the problem arises. If not, the court can continue to be in bad condition which could leave you requiring a costly resurface. As experts we have specialist knowledge and can give you all the information you need to ensure you can find the surfaces that suit you. No matter what the dimensions of your surface, we are able to give you what you're looking for. Simplu fill out the enquiry form provided to speak to a member of our team today! 

Basketball Court Resurfacing

Not carrying out proper maintenance and necessary repairs to your sports surface can lead to it becoming extremely damaged and in poor condition. If it is not fixed quickly, resurfacing may be needed as the only way to bring back the good performance qualities. In a lot of cases a simple repair and new paint coating should fix the damaged surfacing, but when the facility has been neglected for a long time resurfacing may be the only option. The costs for a resurfacing project will vary depending on the existing conditions of the macadam or polymeric rubber, the area size, project location and a number of other factors. You can choose from a few different sport surfacing types in  to upgrade your facility and improve its playability.

What is Basketball Court Maintenance?

Basketball surface maintenance [POSTCODE] is very important in keeping your facility looking as good as possible. After many people have played on the court, it is highly likely to gain a few marks, scratches, dents and more. Even though our surfaces are extremely durable and will last a very long period, these are unavoidable features on a court. However, although a repair can be undertaken to fix these issues, a repaint can hide all of them and make them unnoticable when playing. Repairs are usually only done when the problem will affect the game. For example, on a surface the repair would only be done if either the surface or the hoop was damaged as they are the only two features that would affect how the game palys. If the fencing was damaged, a repaint would be able to hide the dents or scratches. 

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