Basketball Surface Dimensions

Basketball Surface Dimensions

The dimensions of a basketball court come at a standard NBS size of 28.65m x 15.24m however this can be altered to meet the needs of each project.

Basketball Court Area Size

Basketball Court Area Size

When installing a basketball facility for recreational use, the area size can be changed to help keep costs down and to suit other sports which may be played on the same court.

Sport Facility Sizes

Sport Facility Sizes

We can help you to create the perfect basketball facility which fits the outdoor space you have available and also keeps within your budget to remain great value and high quality.

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Basketball Surface Dimensions

Basketball facilities are very popular with many organisations like leisure centres and schools having them installed in either macadam or polymeric rubber surfacing. The dimensions and sizes can vary depending on the specification of each facility and how much space is available when the initial installation takes places. Usually, the standard dimensions used by the NBA are 28.65m by 15.24m, so these are the recommended sizes for professional facilities. However this is not a set rule and other courts which are used for recreational use in areas which may not have enough space to install the full sized space can be constructed in smaller dimensions. The surface size could be altered to help you cut costs if you are on a tight budget, other factors including basketball court surface types can also make a difference to the price.

Would you like to hear more information on basketball flooring dimensions? Please feel free to contact our team of experts through completing the contact form. Our specialists are happy to give you all the information and details you require in order to get the best results possible. 

Basketball Court Sizes

Multi use games areas and dual purpose sports facilities may be installed in a range of sizes and basketball surface dimensions to suit a number of different sports and activities such as netball, tennis and football. Line markings for each of these sports can be applied to these surface dimensions in anti slip paint to create a versatile facility, which is ideal for schools. In many cases, these line markings are very beneficial due to space that they save. Schools commonly choose MUGAs to be installed in their playground as they do not have the required space for seperate areas. However, MUGAs work just as well as normal spaces because the line markings are usually painted in a different colour. This way, the players will know which sports lines are related to the sport they are playing.

Basketball Court Area Size

As the area size and basketball surface dimensions can vary, this means the costs to install the sports facility will also change for each project. Obviously a larger area size will cost more to install than one which is smaller, this is why choosing to have a smaller ball court installed can help cut costs to stick within a specific budget. The specification and surface type will also have an effect on the costs of building the sports spacein  as the different surfacing options have their own individual qualities which are better suited to certain activities. A selection of extra features including floodlights and basketball court fencing can also be included with the building process to complete the whole facility.

What are the Dimensions of a Basketball Court?

The dimensions of a basketball court can vary depending upon a number of reasons. If you're looking for a professional court which is suitable for experienced players, you may wish to install a NBA sized court. However we are able to produce smaller pitches which can be better suited for nearby schools and sport clubs. When producing the courts, we will also alter the line markings so that they are right for the size of your basketball surface. We have years of experience and specialist knowledge in order to provide you with exactly what you are looking for. Fill in the contact form provided if you're wanting to find out more information and speak to our specialist team. 

How to Repair a Surface Near Me

A proactive maintenance plan is the best way to ensure that the court does not come across much damage. This can help reduce the costs as a large repair will cost more than maintenance. To carry out this maintenance you should;

  1. Regular sweep of the court
  2. Clean the pores with a jetwash
  3. Apply chemical treatment
  4. Purchase a repair kit if there is minor damage

If you require any fixes on your flooring, please feel free to contact us asking for our service. Our team are always happy to help and we want to ensure that you are filled in on all the information you need.

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Deciding upon the basketball surface dimensions is important before you start looking for prices and quotes to carry out the work. This is because most sport surfacing contractors offer a price estimate based on the area size among other variables such as site location and the existing ground conditions. If you’d like a quote for the installation or maintenance of a facility, please send us over your details through our contact form and we’ll offer you some professional advice and an idea of costs for the project.


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